love quotes at

love quotes at

…yeah.! Ur right.! Im afraid of falling in love.., Coz’ I dont wanna hurt again!/(But not too much… I dont know what i feel…afraid,happy and whatever)

But… I really can’t fight this feeling anymore.! It may EXPLODE 😥

By the way! In this blog…Its free to share ur feelings guys!.

I wanna share also my feelings and add more quotes,SAYINGS,videos,

pictures and more ’bout Love”. 

And i will not only post…. Love,love,love!.

Gonna post different topics too!

This is just my welcome. post guys…!

I’ll add more info. So keep in touch

love quotes at

Doodle "Pinkie Heart"


One of my favorite song! By auburn



SO OVER YOU-auburn

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